Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

We Will Provide Optimal Solutions For Your Surveillance And Security Needs

We believe in delivering Surveillance and Security with services that leverage your existing infrastructure or deploy a completely new infrastructure – enhancing the effectiveness and productivity of your organization. Accomplishments of this latitude are delivered through the use of high-end technological solutions developed by our array of strategic partners.

No solution is the same and nor should the users requirements be restricted to one specific vendors equipment. Our strategic partners’ objective is to offer a flexible transport medium that can be integrated to any other vendor’s security equipment, such as access control, storage, display systems, advanced control systems, motion detection, pre-alarming and post alarming.

Whether your Surveillance and Security requirements are passive (ability to record and playback video at certain intervals) or active (ability to be monitored by security personnel) or a combination of thereof, NetTarius will provide the most advanced technological solution to meet your current and future needs while maintaining a thorough understanding of your budgetary restraints.

Our surveillance and security services includes:

    • Procurement of hardware needed to support your desired Surveillance and Security applications
    • Installation of systems using highly qualified technicians who are certified with industry leaders
    • Site Survey and Site design for infrastructure integration
    • Equipment maintenance
    • Managed Services
    • Training and Technical Support

Digital video surveillance is another area of great interest to specific niche markets, such as traffic, municipal government, homeland security, transportation, point-of-presence (POP) or building surveillance.

NetTarius offers applications using networked video camera’s capturing, transmitting and storing video and audio signals to central operator stations over the available IP or Wireless network infrastructure.

For video security projects NetTarius positions and integrates products from Cisco, Ubiquiti, Vivotek, Digital Watchdog, AverMedia, DvTel, Axis, GE, Pelco, Sony, Panasonic, Inscape, DLINK, ONSSI and others. Choice of vendor depends on network topology, network protocol used, quality required and project size.