Video Solutions

Video Solutions

Lost Prevention Solutions

Commitment of implementing state of the art technological solutions and planning to advance your organization’s productivity is ineffective without the empowerment of having the ability to receive timely, effective IT support without the worry of incurring shocking service costs.

Conferencing Solutions

We put it all together. Building the right IT infrastructure for an enterprise environment involves issues ranging from software applications and hardware platforms, to data management and network architecture. By leveraging our unique mix of technology expertise with an orientation toward problem solving and project planning, we can create the right integrated solution for you.

Media Solutions

No solution is the same and nor should the users requirements be restricted to one specific vendors equipment. Our strategic partners’ objective is to offer a flexible transport medium that can be integrated to any other vendor’s equipment, such as video surveillance, video conferencing, streaming video, access control, storage, display systems, advanced control systems, motion detection, pre-alarming and post alarming.