Computer Solutions

We put it all together. Building the right IT infrastructure for an enterprise environment involves issues ranging from software applications and hardware platforms, to data management and network architecture. By leveraging our unique mix of technology expertise with an orientation toward problem solving and project planning, we can create the right integrated solution for you.

Web Solutions

NetTarius Technology Solutions will handle your Website Design and Hosting needs as part of our commitment to create breath taking and feature-filled next-generation design concepts utilizing best-of-breed website development software.

Wireless Solutions

Investing in a strategy to achieve business, municipal and educational goals requires a partner who completely understands your objectives and has the resources to effectively plan and implement a unique wireless solution. NetTarius will work with you to determine your current and future needs as well as provide individualized solutions to accommodate your continuous changing environment.

Video Solutions

We believe in delivering Surveillance and Security with services that leverage your existing infrastructure or deploy a completely new infrastructure – enhancing the effectiveness and productivity of your organization. Accomplishments of this latitude are delivered through the use of high-end technological solutions developed by our array of strategic partners.

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