Managed Video Surveillance

Managed Video Surveillance

NetTarius Managed Video Services

Let us secure your property. We can help you better protect your people and locations. We’ve helped many government, small and medium sized business select the right video and security solutions. Now we are offering your a chance to give us a shot.

NetTarius is starving to lead the way in business security with a suite of video and security services called Managed Video Surveillance. MVS will allow us to use your existing infrastructure to connect our video monitoring and business management services. With alarm verification and management, video guard tours, video escort service and more, Managed Video Service helps increase your level of security while maintaining your existing infrastructure investment.

Video Guard Tours

With Video Guard Tours, you can reduce or redeploy physical guards while your facility remains secure under video surveillance. At regularly scheduled intervals, Tyco Integrated Security professionals visually tour your facility from our remote monitoring center.

Protection of Personnel & Sensitive Areas

Whether you’re concerned about who enters and exits your facility or any other suspicious activities, NetTarius can help provide security and peace of mind. Through strategically placed video cameras, our security professionals can observe and monitor individuals who enter or exit sensitive areas within your facilities, or monitor those who perform higher-risk activities.

Reduced False Alarms

When an alarm is triggered, our trained operators will view the live video feed on your premises and determine the cause of the alarm. With optional two-way audio, they will converse with employees, confirm identification, and help prevent the unnecessary dispatch of police.

Deterrent to Employee Theft

Managed Video can help deter inappropriate behavior and reduce losses from theft, while increasing operational efficiency. When employees know they are being monitored, it deters theft and improves behavior.