Manage Solutions

Manage Solutions


NetTarius defines Managed Computer Services (CDS) as End-to-End management of the desktop environment with a focus on lowering TCO by bringing in best practices that includes standardization, best of breed tools and latest technologies thereby reducing the desktop management complexity.


NetTarius supports your WANs and LANs whether you are deploying new technologies or embarking on a full-scale corporate network deployment. The “On Demand” business paradigm offers flexibility and responsiveness that improves network performance and rapid resolutions. To help you focus on your business objectives and goals we offer a wide range of network management and monitoring services.

Wireless Broadband

NetTarius Technology Solutions will handle your Website Design and Hosting needs as part of our commitment to create breathtaking and feature-filled next-generation design concepts utilizing best-of-breed website development software.

Video Surveillance

Investing in a strategy to achieve business, municipal and educational goals requires a partner who completely understands your objectives and has the resources to effectively plan and implement a unique wireless solution. NetTarius will work with you to determine your current and future needs as well as provide individualized solutions to accommodate your continuous changing environment.

Social Media

No solution is the same and nor should the users requirements be restricted to one specific vendors equipment. Our strategic partners’ objective is to offer a flexible transport medium that can be integrated to any other vendor’s equipment, such as video surveillance, video conferencing, streaming video, access control, storage, display systems, advanced control systems, motion detection, pre-alarming and post alarming.