NetTarius Technology Solutions knows non-profit entities whether

a Church, daycare, elder care, youth home or homeless entity have

unique requirements that are critical for your success.


need for Memberships, Board of Trustees, IT, Finance, Administration

and other vital staff leaders to have access to data to allow them to

make informative decisions is fundamental in your day-to-day actions.

We understand your challenges of serving and providing for your

organizations, employees and volunteers, while remaining within your

budget obligations and responsibility to the others. Understanding

your funding is dependent upon proof of appropriate use of funding,

internal efficiencies, accuracies and timeliness providing you time

to do what is important….focus on providing services, NetTarius

Technology Solutions will work with you to deploy solutions to

achieve these objectives.

We work with non-profits to deploy hosting solutions for email,

VOIP, as well as Managed Services and Disaster Recovery solutions

that prove to be a relief of financial burden for their IT costs vs.

maintaining servers internally. NetTarius Technology Solutions will

work with you to effectively write grants, development a website and

implement video surveillance services and solutions that meet the

needs of individual departments while advancing the overall

objectives of your entity.

Our services and solutions will complement your objectives.

Support Services

  • Consolidation of all support contracts for the entire


  • Monitoring of critical systems 24/7/365
  • Remote diagnosis of problems before they occur
  • Budget planning for IT purchases
  • Minimize lost productivity through less downtime
  • Expert staff on call 24 hours a day
  • Single Point of Contact for entire entity

Integrated Networks * Wireless * Video


* Security Systems

  • All voice or data network-connected equipment
  • Phone and internet service providers
  • Phone systems
  • Faxes
  • Copiers
  • Records management systems
  • Digital Imaging Systems