NetTarius Technology Solutions knows education institutions whether a university, college, public or private entity have unique requirements that are critical for your success.

NetTarius Technology Solutions has expertise in deploying an open architecture of software that you’re your needs. We are experienced in software solutions adding the ability to consolidate your support for all your departments whether your institution is using Windows Operating Systems, MAC Systems and Linux Systems.

EDUMatrixSys (Educational Delivery Matrix System)

We understand Student’s Pain Areas in Education…

  • Student’s distraction in classroom is due to seating structure of classroom
  • Non Productive and Non Functional Conflicts between Students
  • Disruption
    • In adequate Diet
    • Curriculum
    • Disability
  • Conventional Learning Programme
  • Blame Game in Education
  • Communication Problem in Classroom
  • Interruptions in Classrooms
  • Lack of Time Management to finish lessons in time

Our offerings to resolve problems…

  • “Educational Delivery Matrix System” uses audio technology to help
    control or reduce distractions within the classroom or learning
    environment by utilizing Tablet, Mobile and PC hardware with (Noise
    Cancellation Headphone Technology) to enhance, increases
    concentration and knowledge retention through our conference server.
  • Education Institutions can have an online learning system which has
    potential to improved online interaction between Students, Teachers
    and Parents.
  • Increased education standard and in time interaction helps school’s to
    not only increase the quality in teaching but at a same time parents
    can track daily performance of their kids through internet applications.
  • Any time correct reports on Students health and class status with
    solution help.
  • Next Generation Mobile and Tablets compatible system

Benefits specific to the School

  • Multilingual System – System can be access to any Unicode
    support languages for teachers, students, and Parents. The class
    room lessons recording can also be converted to any local language.
  • Enhanced Communications - The solution can integrate with the
    existing communications infrastructure by leveraging the IP Network.
    The solution will utilize existing computer base (apple or windows), but
    can incorporate new technology such as IPads', Android or Windows
    PDA OS.
  • At A Glance Attendance - The Principal can instantly see who’s
    online and each classroom to know at a glance if someone is out. The
    system will allow the Principal to speak directly to the teacher,
    students, counselors, security or other administrators connected into
    the virtual matrix without physically going to the classroom or office.
  • Classroom Recordings - The Principal will have the ability to review the
    recorded sessions for all of the classrooms to determine who needs
    assistance and to plan for intervention in areas of growth or adjustments
    for the student’s lesson plans or parent visits.
  • Accountability - The Principal will be able to monitor and listen without
    the students or teachers being aware to allow for monitoring of the day-today
  • Conflict Resolution - becomes easier because the NetTarius EduCare
    solution will always record the student’s conversation and interaction
    between the teacher and fellow students. The recordings will be stored on
    a secured server allowing administration, security and law enforcement to
  • Monitoring and Security - as an extremely important element of
    responsibility: By monitoring the audio component of what actually occurs
    during the classroom sessions parents can be assured of teacher
    professionalism, level playing fields, address individual student needs, or
    identify problem areas based on students ability to adapt to what is be
    requested from them. This can also measure for the parent how well their
    child is performing over the school year and set proper comparison levels
    to determine in consultations with the teacher & counselors if a change of
    plan is needed for their child.
  • Online Classroom – In this independent component we can create an
    online interface where teacher can create online classroom and can invite
    the students in groups or selecting their names. The online classroom
    intimation will be send to students and their parents through different
    modes like email, SMS or Phone Notifications. During Class session
    students can hear voice of teacher and able to see through webcams of
    desktop/iPAD/or other platform PAD’s. And similarly teacher can also hear
    back the questions of students and able to answer them through IPAD/
    Android or Window Platform Pad’s
  • RFID School Security System for Students and Teacher. School can
    controls visitors access to prohibited areas.
  • Learning Management System
    • Modern, easy to use various components interface for Class Teachers,
      Students, and their Parents on HTML5/XML and mobile compatible.
    • Multiple Students Group: Teacher can create multiple groups and access
      them in single windows limit to screen resolution of live online classroom
    • Class Course Management System
    • Student Assessment
    • Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM)
    • Collaborative tools and activities for Students and Teachers
    • Convenient file management for managing courses and workshop data of
      students and teachers
    • Multimedia Integration

Benefits specific to the Teacher

  • Promotes Initiative and Entrepreneurialism Via Positive
    Reinforcement/Rewards System
  • Permits Independent Advanced Research/Study …Promotes Curiosity
    and Imagination
  • Permits Remedial Tutorial Exercises When Required
  • Trains Oral and Written Communication
  • Accessing and Analyzing Course Material & Student Information In Real
  • Parent Participation & Better Curriculum Understanding Via Direct
    Lesson Replay
  • Access to Learning Management System to create assignments, share soft copies
    of lessons, access to pre recorded lessons from archive, SCORM based tutorial
    deployments, video and audio support, maintain & track students health and
    report card.
  • Through LMS anytime can share students classroom status with parents and
    discuss on improvement of their children
  • Online Teaching System - Teacher can teach class lesson through
    Tablet (iPad/Android) and students can connect through their Tablet devices easily.
  • Gesture System - Teacher or students can control Learning Management and
    Online Teaching through human gestures
  • RFID System for students attendance

Benefits specific to the Students

  • Any time Online Classroom can be accessed through Tablets
  • Classroom Lectures and Workshop Video/Audio Recording Server - Any time Students can access Lesson archives for better understanding
  • Student role based Learning Management System
  • Student role based Learning Management System
    • Class Course Management System
    • Student Assessment
    • Student Workshop
    • Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM)
    • Collaborative tools and activities for Students and Teachers
    • Convenient file management for managing courses and workshop data of
      students and teachers
    • All-in-one calendar for managing school activities which helps to keep better
      communication between students and their parents.
    • Multimedia Integration
  • Health Band: Third Party API for tracking health status of individual student
    through Hand Band and students can access their health details through its smart
    phone app.
  • Mobile Texting: In EDUMatrix we will create tailored made Mobile Texting Module
    for mobile texting communication between students and teachers. The Mobile
    Texting app can be easily downloaded from iStore, Google Play Store and Windows
    Phone Store.
  • Human Gesture: This module is based on Microsoft Platform for XBOX 360 and
    will integrate with our system for controlling and accessing different education
    modules through students gestures.

Benefits specific to the Parents

  • Parent can access Learning Management System
  • Dashboard
  • Children Health and Class performance status Reports
  • Communication with class teacher
  • Search lesson recordings from archive for their children
  • Two way communications - utilizing SMS (Texting) and EMAIL on mobile phone to
    allow the teacher to notify the parent during the classroom session.
  • Conflicts - always record the student’s conversation and interaction with the teacher
    and fellow students.
  • Accountability - monitoring the audio component of what actually occurs during the
    classroom sessions parents can be assured of teacher professionalism.

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