Product Engineering Services

Product Engineering Services

We have distilled our experiences into proven practices and methodologies that form a strong basis for product engineering excellence. NetTarius enables enterprises operating in a dynamic business environment to stay competitive by equipping them with custom-built applications that address functional gaps within the existing IT infrastructure and/or make their systems more responsive to specific business requirements.

What we do…

We are able to execute and meet your product development goals through our offshore or multi-site capability models by leveraging our India-based R&D centre. Our services in the domain encompass:

New Product Development

ser_product_diag2We understand the dynamics and challenges involved in building a product from scratch. Being a product creation and sustenance company, we possess core competencies in:

  • Product ideation
  • Requirements definition and analysis
  • Prototype development
  • Design and development of the new product
  • Testing and QA
  • Maintenance

We understand the intricacies and special needs of product development, such as: evolvability, maintainability, scalability, internationalization/localization, ease of use, ease of installation. We have coordinated with our customers in driving the entire NPD program, including interacting with end-users and suggesting product roadmaps.

Current Product Engineering

Our Current Product Engineering Services (CPE) ensure that you are able to focus and concentrate your efforts in more strategic areas such as new product roadmaps and release management, rather than get bogged down in issues pertaining to a maturing or obsolete product. Our services for CPE encompass:

Product Enhancements

We can take small modules, parts of your product and develop new modules based on the new criteria. Our focus covers enhancements across diverse technology platforms and architectures.

Porting & Migration

We can help meet your unique integration and migration needs. Our knowledge and expertise in diverse technology platforms (embedded, systems software, etc.) enables us to perform integration and migration of software across complex platforms in heterogeneous environments.


We can take up assignments to optimize your product for improving its performance, functionality, scalability and flexibility to adapt to new technologies. Additionally, these optimizations can help you eliminate inefficiencies in the product.


As your product matures and nears the end of its lifecycle, there are many concurrent activities that you will need for its maintenance and support. As a product Engineering Services Company, we provide services that address the unique needs during this stage of your product. These could be in terms of bug fixes, minor enhancements and testing.

Testing & Quality Analysis

Our engineers possess the expertise in test engineering and test automation across a wide range of requirements. Our product testing capabilities include:

  • Embedded & Firmware testing
  • Software verification
  • Certifications, such as for protocol stacks and standards
  • Usability testing
  • Interface validation for Frameworks/SDKs

Our testing skills include:

  • White-Box Testing
  • Black Box Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Code Coverage Testing
  • Test Automation

Other Professional Services

NetTarius offers a host of professional services that will successfully guide you through your product development journey


Our core competency is Product Engineering. Over the years, we have addressed our customers’ co-development needs for several products across their entire lifecycle. Our domain expertise coupled with the deep knowledge of the issues and the challenges facing product development will guide you through the rough ride of a development journey. Depending upon the relationships and the needs, our specialists will handhold you through the entire lifecycle or part of it. We can offer you consulting services for transitioning your product development to offshore based co-development execution. Additionally, we can assist you in the quality certification of your product development process.


Companies are frequently forced to offer a customized product, to bridge the gap between a specific end-user need and the existing product. Product customization, as a “pain” area, frequently becomes a major issue when the end-user plans to use the product in complex, heterogeneous technology environments. During our extensive product engineering experience, we have undertaken product customization across diverse industries. Our experts can help you in customizing your product to meet the end-user’s specific technology needs.


Often, implementation of a standalone product isn’t sufficient. That is when you may need our integration services - to tie together different hardware products and software applications to ensure seamless functionality. We have diverse technology experience in application integration, middleware, embedded systems and device management can help you address this need. Thus ensuring your product works seamlessly in its ecosystem.

Technical Support

Maintaining a product can be just as important as creating it, but usually it's not as much fun. Our teams are experienced in providing Tier 2 / Tier 3 product-related technical support to our customers. These services range from providing solutions to end-user issues and escalations, developing patches and hot fixes, ensuring regular maintenance releases and configuration upgrades. Over and above these, we can provide services for workarounds, doing deeper analysis of problems and helping fix the problem permanently.

Technologies we cover…

We have excellence in technologies like C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, VB.NET, VC++, Visual Basic 6.0, ASP, C++, PHP, J2EE and so forth to develop a complete product that meets requirements.